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Hearts and Stars




'Made using a line-up of paraben-free, natural ingredients—including avocado oils, tea tree, lime, chamomile and aloe vera—the products are especially designed to battle humidity and exposure to the sun and ocean.  Shampoos and conditioners headline this ensemble in luscious tropical flavors such as lilikoi and citrus, with pomade, smoothing serum and hairspray playing back up. Experience the products solo or go for a jam session with a trio of shampoo, conditioner and body wash.  Just what you need to take your 'do from "Bad" to "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing).' Honolulu Magazine / Lei Chic

'The serum smells wonderful and works like a charm.  I use it every time I wash my hair, and it looks like I blow-dried my hair.  I highly suggest it!  I usually use Paul Mitchel's serum, but I like this one better.  It doesn't make my hair feel stiff or weighed down.' Mandy R., Yelp

'TRY JASON'S LINE OF SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER AND BODY WASH*** - THEY'RE AMAZING!!!!!  I have thick, mean hair that is LOVING his conditioner - leaving it soft, smooth and... BRUSHABLE (!!! that's saying something!).' Nicole B., Yelp

'Jason's products are super amazing! Always make my hair feel so silky and smooth I feel like I'm in a hair commercial! Amazing! Perfect for after long days at the beach to cure my salty hair!' Christina R., Yelp

'My hair is literally obsessed with Hearts and Stars shampoo and conditioner. After using this line exclusively for the past month, I really don’t know how I can go back to regular shampoo.' Marie from Rookie

'My new favorite product line!  I was throughly impressed that my frizz was successfully tamed and my locks felt stronger.  Complete with excellent customer service, free shipping, and an affordable price, what more could one ask for?'  Saving Face the Beauty Blog

'This Hawaiian developed duo will leave your hair feeling like it enjoyed its own private vacation in paradise...Your hair will be addicted!'  - Women's Surf Style Magazine

'Ordered on Tuesday, received by Friday morning! My daughter's hair is very fine and a super tangled mess. The shampoo and conditioner were great on her hair - added life and easy to manage! Just in time for her Variety Show performance tonight at school! Thank you! ♥ & She has a lot of skin allergies as well and this did not irritate her skin and she loves the scent! Perfection!' Melanie (New Jersey)

'Day 1 of using your products, my scalp feels healthier than it has in months, my hair feels beautifully soft and healthy. I walked into work and my coworkers exclaimed "oh my god look at your hair! It looks better than it has in weeks!' - Cara (Hawaii)

'Love, love, love Hearts and Stars. Smells amazing!' - Robin (Ohio)

'I LOVE the body wash!' - Selena (Hawaii)

'This product really works!!! I used to hate how dry and brittle my hair felt after I washed my hair. I used to have to put many products in it to make it feel soft and managable. H&S has changed my life! My Hair smells, and most importantly FEELS amazing!! I feel like a Rock Star!!' - Jessie (California)

'Had a total H&S day today ... Shampoo + Conditioner + Body Wash = I look, feel, & smell GREAT!' - Lisa (California)

'It smells SO good and I love them!! I'm a repeat customer forever!' - Melissa

'Love the H&S New Body wash! It smells so amazing and leaves my skin silky soft and feeling so rejuvenated! I have extremely sensitive skin and H&S moisturizes and refreshes without any irritation. It is also perfect for shaving! No more ashy, irritated skin! Yay!' - Natalie (Hawaii)

'I got my shampoo and conditioner and loooooove it! And I have to tell you that I love the conditioner so much I put it on my arms and legs in the shower and it makes them silky smooth! It is great because it has wonderful ingredients!! Love it!' - Cathy (California)

'A FANTASTIC product! Love the scent (minty/citrusy) and it is the best shampoo/conditioner I've used. Highly recommend it!' - Christine (Washington)

'Just the best shampoo I've ever used. Busy breaking hearts and being a star™.' - Jennifer (Los Angeles)

'Hearts and Stars as a detangler cured my post-ocean birds nest hair!  After paddling, snorkeling, etc I like to go out with my friends for breakfast. My hair usually drives me crazy. I just try to hide it under a hat or ball it into a hair band. Today I brought along a travel sized bottle with a bit of Hearts and Stars conditioner diluted in water. After the ocean fun was done I squirted some on my hair and it was a great detangler. Wow. I actually combed my hair and went to breakfast with tidy and great smelling hair. Thanks, Hearts and Stars!' - Robin (Hawaii)

'Just got my first shipment of Hearts & Stars! My hair is super shiny and amazing after a wash. LOVE!' - Kim (California)

'I love this stuff. I was gonna buy the hat but my hair rules now.' - Molly (Washington)

'It smells like HEAVEN. and it makes my hair feel thicker. i'm a fan.' - Hannah (California)

'I LOVE HEARTS and STARS SHAMPOO! "It's like a Mojito for my hair! " ♥* - Angie (Hawaii)

'OMG love the smell.... it is wonderful." - Cindy (Florida)

'The second thing you'll notice about the shampoo and conditioner is their impressive olfactory attributes; essences of eucalyptus, tea tree, and sage disperse a fresh scent as you lather, rinse, and repeat. The next thing you'll pick up on is how squeaky clean your scalp is without feeling dry-the happy effect of a formula boosted with keratin and hemp oil to replenish, rather than strip, damaged strands. But what will no doubt be the first thing to catch your eye is Harsin's adorable, tattoo-influenced packaging concept that features every girl's favorite kitschy accessory: a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses. In case you were wondering, the answer is yes; they look amazing in any well-appointed shower caddy.' - Style.com / Shine from Yahoo!

'I personally have thick, wavy hair that is often hard to tame, and it left my hair feeling clean, moisturized and shiny, and I loved the tingly feeling on my scalp!' - The Green Stylist

'A natural cut above the rest. Our girls went gaga over the bottles.' - The Posh Mom Life

“I absolutely love this product for my hair!” – Mary (Hawaii)

Tried Hearts and Stars for the first time and all I can say is *slow clap*!! I have a problem with my hair being too flat with most salon shampoos, and I kept the body and added shine!! My favorite scent too!!!” – Larissa (Washington)

Natural Hair Care with a side of bad ass!” – Debbie (California)

“Just had the best shower! Head to toe Hearts & Stars :) Don't even need to use lotion. Also combed right through my hair, no problem!” – Amber (Hawaii)