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Hearts and Stars


Questions?  We've got answers!

Do you guys test on animals?

Don’t worry.  No bunnies were harmed in the making of Hearts and Stars.  We tested on the hair of people we didn’t like to see if better hair would change our opinion of them.  It worked.  They’re our friends now.  And they have great hair.  Mostly they’re our friends now because they have great hair. 

Why does Hearts and Stars use HEMP OIL? 

Once we started looking into hemp oil, we had our breakthrough moment into the bright lights of the red carpet.  Hair is almost all protein.  Hemp oil is super high in protein.  Adding protein to your hair helps repair damage and makes hair stronger.  Hemp oil also has emollients, omega-3, 6 and 9, and vitamin E.  These lock water into the actual hair strand to keep your mane super shiny, soft, and touchable and spare you from an itchy, scratchy scalp.  With enough moves to star in its own action film, we decided that hemp oil would be tough enough to take out the bad guys and strong enough to stay in touch with its loveable soft side.  Learn more about our ingredients.

I've been using Hearts and Stars and it seems to help my dandruff. Why is that?

Using a pH balanced product like Hearts and Stars™ can help restore your scalp's pH, and lessen flakes. Also, tea tree oil and other natural extracts in our products may help as well. We can't guarantee a flake-free scalp, but if it's helping, AWESOME!

Is Hearts and Stars good for all hair types?

Yes. It's great for color treated hair too! For fine hair, use a tiny amount of the conditioner to avoid weighing it down.

I have a question, a problem, or need to return something I ordered.  What should I do?

Email us at info@hearts-and-stars.com.  We're here to make you - and your hair - as happy as can be.

Do you take credit cards as payment? 


What kind of shipping do you use?  How are your shipping fees calculated? How long until I get it?

We ship using US Postal Service Priority Mail Flat Rate.  We always try to get orders out ASAP...but please allow 2-4 weeks in some cases (we are in Hawaii, soooo...:)   You can find more information about our shipping and return policies here.