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Hearts and Stars

Awesome Ingredients

Hair health is our top priority. Learn more about our high quality ingredients:

Proteins help improve hair strength, sooth dry scalp, mend split ends, and limit damage caused by chemicals like chlorine and coloring.

Hemp seed oil keeps hair super soft and hydrated with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Its high protein content (25%) repairs damage, helps to improve the overall condition of your hair, and boosts the overall health of your hair with its emollient softening properties.

B-complex increases scalp circulation, which helps hair growth.

Shea butter absorbs quickly into the scalp and does not clog hair’s pores. Great for protecting and hydrating all hair types, it protects and repairs damage from weather and over-processing.

Vitamin B5 moisturizes and reduces breakage by penetrating the hair shaft, plus prevents hair from drying out and helps to maximize shine and bounciness.